Carnet for Season Ticket Holders

All season ticket holders for the 2012-13 Opera Season can take advantage of the Carnet for Season Ticket holder, which offers the following facilitations and opportunities:

  • Coupon for the free booklet of the Opera Season
  • Coupon for the purchase at the reduced price of € 8 instead of € 12 of the monographs of the shows in each season ticket. Availability of the monographs is guaranteed until sell-out.

  • Coupon for the purchase of the Abbonamento Musei Torino Piemonte 2013 at a reduced price. The initiative is realised in collaboration with the Association Torino Città Capitale Europea

  • Season Ticket holder’s card, valid for

Reserved for Series A

  • Coupon for the assignement of the monograph on the inaugurating title, Der fliegende Holländer

  • Coupon for orders at the bar of Teatro Regio during Series A performances